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The lyrics are particularly notable because they offer a snapshot as to what was highly prized in the mids and demonstrate Porter's rhyming ability.

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Some of the lyrics were re-written by P. Wodehouse for the British version of Anything Goes. Wodehouse anglicised it for the British version of Anything Goes.

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Porter biographer William McBrien wrote that at the height of its popularity in to it had become a "popular pastime" to create parodies of the lyrics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Song performed by Barbra Streisand.

Drama, Dance and Music. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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New York: Knopf. Another Nickel In The Machine. This fun and fantastical depiction of the iconic religious scene is not to be missed. GQ step aside. Think Geek www. Complete the Revenge-of—the-Nerds look with the Tesla wristwatch and its red flashing vacuum tubes.

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We all know people who collect stuffed animals. Chances are they have an army of teddy bears, beanie babies, and plush toys all over the house, collecting dust mites. The collection includes nearly microbes, infectious diseases and microscopic pests — including ticks, flesh-eating streptococcus, syphilis, athletes foot fungus and dengue fever. They are still tied. I look out the window to take my mind away. I see the Carson Farm coming up. A while later we cross a train track.


The next turn we are in town. Once we make it into town, I see so many things, such as stores with people standing in windows. There are lots of cars, and white people are walking in and out of stores. As the bus eases through town, it seems as if every white person is staring at our bus.

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Only two people waved, and they were black, the only two black people I saw in town. But a few years later I would be introduced to the game of pool, and it will dawn on me that the eight ball is black. Did the school know of this, or was it a coincidence that our bus was eight, and in pool, the eight ball is black? Because every person on bus No. I still wonder about this, even to this day. Once inside the school, everyone is moving in different directions.

It looks as if someone had kicked an ant hill, with kids everywhere you looked. Judy held my hand as we walked down the hall.

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Once in the room that I was assigned to, I noticed that there were no black kids. The teacher is white. Once everyone is seated, she explained that this is our home room. We were always to come here first. She started calling names and told them what room to go to. She finally called my name, and since I was the last one, she walked me to my class.

Once there I was happy to see Linda, who stayed down the road from me.

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She used to be my girlfriend a long time ago. The teacher told me that her name is Ms. She asked me my name. So I tried to say my name again, and the same thing happened, and this time I heard someone giggling. I turned to see a white kid with his hand over his mouth and laughing. Linda got up and told the teacher my name. The teacher told me where to sit, which was right behind the kid who laughed at me.

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I looked around the classroom, and saw how we were sitting in rows—white, black, white, black, white, black and so on. There were five rows of six kids each, with a total of 15 white kids and 15 black kids in the classroom. We looked like the keyboard on the organ that my sister got.