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There is a certain way about that way Anne Gracie puts together her stories. I won't say she is my ultimate favorite author The Fourth book is Nash's story. I do love a good amnesia story, and this one was well done. Sometimes they aren't always done very good, but this one had a bit more to the plot and I loved the witty humor that comes out of the story. There is also a fun lightheartedness about it that captivated me from the beginning. The five young children were absolutely delightful and they were a ROMP!! There is a instant attraction, but their relationship is more gradual too.

We see how much they like each other, but the love side of things isn't instataneous. The level of sensuality was warm, not too strong in the story, but not light either. I felt like it was perfectly balanced along with the story line.

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The Accidental Wedding proved to be a memorable story that captured my heart from the first page. Definitely worth your time and you will not be disappointed. The only con I could see in this story is it takes a little bit to get into the story, but once you do Nothing broken? In need of attention?

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Where she had no business to be looking. She squirmed with mortification. And I'm sure there's a swelling. And it's aching.

Are you sure you wouldn't like to check me? It was a slow, soft kiss, warm as the morning sun, laced with the dark mystery of the night.

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Rich with promise. Georgette Heyer's Frederica is a classic example. In The Accidental Wedding, Anne Gracie takes a familiar scenario -- handsome injured stranger with amnesia nursed by poor but proud and of course beautiful young woman in a cottage leading to a marriage of convenience -- and creates a whole new story. All of the characters, but especially the hero, are charming, even the old dragon great aunt.

Nothing is entirely predictable, except the guaranteed HEA. A delightful read. View all 6 comments. Sep 04, Tracy rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , z , reviewed-for-fvbr.

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Review originally featured at Fiction Vixen Book Reviews. What girl with a flair for style and romance doesn't love gazing at wedding dresses, whether in magazines or store windows? So naturally with a beautiful, white dress on the cover, my curiosity to read The Accidental Wedding by Anne Gracie was piqued.

They may struggle to make ends meet, tending honey bees and maintaining a small Review originally featured at Fiction Vixen Book Reviews. They may struggle to make ends meet, tending honey bees and maintaining a small garden, but they have the support of their village and do not lack in love. Things change when Nash Renfrew falls, quite literally, into their lives.

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In a freak accident, Nash falls off his horse, injuring his leg and knocking himself unconscious. Determined to save his life, Maddy rescues Nash and tends his wounds. When he finally awakens, they discover he has complete amnesia. Nash is intrigued by Maddy whose strength, love and happiness with her provincial life are at odds with his aloof, yet pampered existence. And Maddy must decide if she could ever consider being in a loveless marriage when her heart so desperately wants Nash.

The Accidental Wedding was a true pleasure to read. Gracie crafted a well-written storyline, engaging characters and interesting dialogue. The fact that the story had elements of my all-time favorite Disney movie Cinderella was like a layer of fondant on a wedding cake. While I loved Nash, who followed his heart and sincerely wanted to make Maddy and the children happy, Maddy stole the show a bit in my book.

Through her devotion to her family and can-do attitude, Maddy had a great balance of strength and tenderness. Feisty yet feminine, Maddy was quick to stand up for herself and not allow anyone to disrespect or control her.

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The Accidental Wedding is the fourth book in the Dark Riders series, but this classically romantic story stood alone well and has me quite interested to read the first three books. You can sleep here if you like. With me. There was a long pause. Then the deep voice came out of the darkness. May 04, Sometime rated it liked it Shelves: from-library , historical-romance.

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This was a great romance. Nash is thrown from his horse right in front of Maddy's house and injured. She nurses him for days only to discover he has no memory of who he is after his head injury. This book was a bit predictable along the lines of the amnesia story, as well as the two MCs who are forced to be in each other's company for days. Maddy's younger half-siblings all 5 of them!

Maddy has a mysterious past and a few secrets. Nash has been a womanizer and a rake. This made it hard to like him at times because of his internal dialogue. He thinks like a man of his day, and he also has a difficult childhood to overcome. There is no OW drama in the book, but there are a few mentions made of his womanizing, although it's not rubbed in your face endlessly.

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Because of his experience spending time with Maddy and the children, Nash learns a few things about himself and about love. Not sure why I stopped at 3. Maybe because I figured out who the bad guy was pretty early on, and Nash was a stubborn jerk for a while before he came to his senses. There were also a lot of things done right in the story. Despite its flaws, I did enjoy this HR. It's worth the read. At the beginning I thought the story a bit predictable s I wasn't that much excited about it, but I liked being slapped in the face with a great book.

And Maddy had really proved herself as someone who wont take charity from anyone if it was solely for her, all her decision were based on the kids. The scenes I loved in this book were the one's Nash had with the child At the beginning I thought the story a bit predictable s I wasn't that much excited about it, but I liked being slapped in the face with a great book.

The scenes I loved in this book were the one's Nash had with the children, specially Lucy, because it was heartwarming at all the time I was "aah and ooh". I loved the parts were Maddy showed everyone what she though, first Nash, then Marcus, then Aunt Maude. And did I mention before how much I loved Aunt Maude, every time she appearance she bring a lightheartedness to the scene, like at the church, when she kept complimenting Maddy and backing her up, and specially at the wedding party when she told Nash "you can thank me later" that whole conversation was hilarious.

Now since I finished this book, I finished the Devil Riders series, cause I read the fifth book before the other. Apr 12, Carrie rated it liked it Shelves: read , historical , tbr-challenge , mystery , cabin-close-quarters.