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This album is unique in the Supertramp discography as none of the songs features the band's trademark Wurlitzer electric piano.

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Template:Album ratings In a review, music critic Robert Christgau facetiously remarked that, unlike most progressive rock, which is "pretentious background schlock that's all too hard to ignore", the album is "modest background schlock that sounds good when it slips into the ear. Allmusic gave a mixed retrospective review of the album, calling it "elegant yet mildly absurd, witty but kind of obscure" but also contending that it "places a greater emphasis on melody and gentle textures than any previous Supertramp release.

All songs credited to Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson.

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Listed below are the respective writers, with lead vocals by Hodgson unless otherwise stated. Template:Track listing.

The reissues were supervised by Bill Levenson with art direction by Vartan and design by Mike Diehl, with production coordination by Beth Stempel. Both the and remasters are heavily criticised by audiophiles who claim they were mastered too loud as part of the " loudness war " mastering trend. Also the song "Lover Boy" was edited and is missing a couple of bars. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Add Video. Add Image. Contents [ show ]. Archived at rocklistmusic.

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Dutch Albums Chart [9]. New Zealand Albums Chart [11]. Swedish Albums Chart [13].

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The first half of the song is quite dull, and lamented but it picks up as the entire band joins into sing the chorus with Davies for a few minutes, making a lasting on any first time listener. The album closes with one of the most ambitious pieces in the Supertramp catalogue. The many overlapping melodies, sound effects, and clear vocals show a very dark and grim Supertramp that would later be echoed in the Davies lead Brother Where You Bound.

The song is dark at times, yet completely free and joyful at others. It is a strange and enigmatic song without a true meaning. The best part in probably the whole album is Roger singing Dreamer in the background, a little homage to his song on Crime of the Century.

It sets imaginations ablaze and creates mystery and intrigue among listeners, this one included. It is nearly a perfect song, except for the ending. Roger never really properly ends the piece with a final line or chord.

Even in the Quietest Moments...

It slowly fades off while the tuning of an orchestra slowly fades in and then back to silence again, closing the album. Truly a thoroughly composed piece with many sections and emotions flowing through it. A highlight of the Supertramp catalogue. Though categorized as a progressive rock album, it bridges on Folk and other genres while keeping some of its progressive lore that the band first developed on Crime of the Century.

Similar engineering and productions techniques are used throughout the two albums, giving each track more echo and reverb than normally expected for songs of this nature. The band again elects to go with a dual songwriter system, so that both singers alternate throughout the album. The album is definitely a fine catch but never really develops into a true full LP like Crime of the Century did before. Though they build off of Crisis? What Crisis? Tweet Recent reviews by this author. David Bowie The Next Day. Supertramp Brother Where You Bound.

Peter Gabriel Car. The Beatles Abbey Road.

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Brother Where You Bound. Breakfast in America. On 14 Music Lists. Add a Comment. Jennifer22 November 5th Comments.

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