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The first Star Trek episode to broach homosexuality and gender identity centered on the androgynous J'nai. One member of the species struggles with her feelings for Riker, concealing a closeted gendered identity. After being outed, they deliver a passionate monologue that serves as a reprieve to politicians acting to stymie LGBTQ rights, "What right do you have to punish us? What right do you have to change us?

What makes you think you can dictate how people love each other? Massive systems failures.

Riker at Farpoint - Star Trek: The Next Generation - Encounter at Farpoint

Frantic shouting. The destruction of the Enterprise. Then it all starts over again. This is the unique repetitive structure of "Cause and Effect. A complex story by Brannon Braga gets its legs from Frakes' direction, making sure every repeated scene is done from a new unique viewpoint.

The episode proved to be so popular that the concept was re-utilized in an episode of Star Trek: Discovery. Where does one go after portraying a series' big bad as destructive, unified, and nearly invincible?

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Their captor begins to separate from the collective and gain free will, questioning his new place in the universe. It's a stark episode as Guinan, Picard and the audience by proxy take a hard look at the creatures so brutally villainized and question what heart beats inside that metallic shell. While Trek's creativity spans countless planets, its most beloved story focuses on only one location. An intruding probe causes Picard to live out 40 years as an alien scientist on a slowly dying planet. It's yet another powerhouse performance by Stewart, as he is taken on a journey of love, loss and ultimately legacy, as it turns out this simulation was to impart the memories of the now-extinct planet.

The episode closes with Picard's solemn flute song in their honor, but the show whistled a happier tune when "The Inner Light" received the Hugo Award for Dramatic Performance.

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Crossover with the original series was rare in TNG to not cloud the skies with nostalgia. But James Doohan broke form, returning aboard the Enterprise as Montgomery Scott after decades in limbo. Scotty struggles to place himself in the new era, telling Picard while on a replica of the old Enterprise, "I don't belong on your ship. I belong on this one. This was my home. This was where I had a purpose. Moore, does find a place for him, as he and Geordi La Forge Levar Burton combine engineering efforts to save the day.

Picard gets ambushed in a Cardassian trap, then maliciously tortured in the hopes of divulging Federation secrets. It's an arduous test of will for the captain, as he struggles to maintain rigidity under the extreme pain and harsh lights. What makes this story shine even brighter are the dazzling guest performances from Ronny Cox, who plays Picard's militaristic replacement, and Trek film veteran David Warner, who embodies his sadistic yet complicated tormentor.

Though references had been made to Picard's youth and his artificial heart, it took until now to bring that story front and center. Doing so, though, puts him on a path to timidity, and he discovers what makes him tick is his recklessness, a vital thread in his colorful tapestry.

Brannon Braga's script melts the walls of reality, as Riker continually shifts between the Enterprise and an alien insane asylum. Frakes gets the opportunity to go dark with the first officer's usual good-natured attitude, as he runs himself ragged questioning his sanity. Braga's next hit came with his take on the multiverse, an expansion on what was first broached in "Yesterday's Enterprise.

Having the Klingon be the surprising center is a highlight of Michael Dorn's fantastically humorous and befuddled take on the character, and presents several "What if?

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Together, with Roddenberry and costume designer Bill Theiss who also created TOS costumes , Probert told ET their discussions about a new Starfleet communicator were focused on its potential size. Eventually, they landed on the concept of devices that could be worn on the uniform where the Starfleet insignia was located on TOS costumes.

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Encounter at Farpoint

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BY Joe Bergren. Bandi leader Zorn offers full use of the apparently adequate facilities, but no answers to the key questions, how the station was built, and what agonized feelings Troi is picking up. Written by KGF Vissers. Though this episode seems to resemble the "Motion picture" with its syrupy ending you have to see it Obnoxious, arrogant and very demanding, "Q" puts the crew on trial for being "savages". However, Picard makes its stand very well against the omnipotent character, which we'll see later in several episodes, including the last one of the series, and both "Voyager" and "Deep Space Nine".

Rest of the plot involves a secret held by a mysterious citizen of Farpoint, a recent space station, where Dr. The space station draws its energy from a secret source, in which a bizarre spaceship comes and attack the old city next to the new station Counselor Troi sense a feeling of "pain" around it Pilot is average, however, we are introduced to all the characters. McCoy how to treat the ship But "Q" steals the show Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

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