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Blood Moon (Blood Moon, #1) by Dawn Thompson

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The girls know something's up when the moon disappears. It turns out the goblins are using fairy dust to create their own moon to hang in the sky. Harahpin : Untoria's moons have skull-like faces and appear to have a hypnotic effect, driving creatures to blood lust. Music And Sound Effects. The song " Bad Moon Rising " by Creedence Clearwater Revival speaks of the eponymous bad moon rising and death, earthquakes, and other bad times on the way, so it's best not to "go 'round tonight.

Daniel Amos 's "Sanctuary" from Vox Humana , which is about having a safe place even in the worst of times, suggests one such worst-case scenario: And should the moon burn red, stars leave the sky , Remember, remember Your sanctuary.

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Mythology and Religion. One of the many hallmarks of Revelation : complete with the stars falling from the heavens. Jesus mentioned that in advance of His return, "The sun will be darkened and the moon will become blood red. What's also interesting about this is that a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is perfectly aligned between the Sun and the Moon, whereas a solar eclipse happens when the Moon is between Earth and the Sun.

The implication here seems to be that both will happen at the same time, which should be physically impossible. Destroy the Godmodder : During the Eclipse , the sun turned red and the moon broke into pieces, falling towards GodCraft. The Eclipse itself would be described as causing the sun and moon to fight, so it wasn't that far off. Tabletop Games. In White Wolf's Old World of Darkness , the appearance of the red star, Anthelios whose name literally means "Anti-Sun" signifies that Crapsack World 's descent towards even worse levels.

It's also unnaturally bright during Chaos invasions. A "Bad Moon" is the symbol of certain greenskins in Warhammer and Warhammer 40, Who would be considered people you'd not want to have around by most people who aren't them and 40K's are considered obnoxious rich assholes by other orks. Though Morrslieb was destroyed by the Skaven during the End Times, a similar entity known only as the Bad Moon is worshipped by the Gloomspite Gitz, an alliance of trolls, giants and goblins, in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

It travels randomly between realms, causing darkness and madness wherever it appears. The Gloomspite have several theories about its origin, ranging from it being an egg, to it being an accidental creation of Gorkamorka, but no one, not even Sigmar, knows its origins for certain.

The red moon Lunitari is associated with Neutral magic rather than Evil; Nuitari, the "Evil magic" moon, is black and sheds a black light seen only by beings that use such dark magic. Ravenloft 's domain of Sithicus has only the black moon Nuitari in its night skies, illustrating the fact that it is a Pocket Dimension created for Lord Soth, an undead wielder of Evil magic from Dragonlance. In the Elder Evils book, as the Hulks of Zoretha begin to awaken, the moon gains an ever-more intense red tint, which corresponds with every living thing on the planet slowly going Ax-Crazy with rage.

When the moon is completely blood-red, the Hulks are active again. Also in Elder Evils , the Atropus questline first manifests with the appearance of a new celestial body, which steadily grows to the size of a moon: the massive undead planetoid Atropus itself. Meanwhile, its approach sparks a Zombie Apocalypse on the destination planet. Not to mention Blood Moon , which turns nonbasic lands into mountains, and Chaos Moon , which either gives a bonus or a drawback to Red creatures and mountains, depending on how many permanents you have.

In Path Finder , the Boneyard has Groetus, a god taking the form of a small moon in the shape of a scowling skull, which is also the god's own realm at the same time. Its size is subjective, varying wildly in size from person to person. Groetus himself awaits the last living thing to die, so as to bring about the end of the Boneyard, and seemingly all reality with it. Legend says a White Moon may rise someday In Woyzeck , Marie remarks about the moon being red moments before Woyzeck stabs her to death.

Urban Legends. A common myth is that people go crazy around the full Moon , but studies have failed to show any correlation between human behavior and the full Moon. Video Games. Guild Wars has moons and suns so terrifying in Halloween Moon with a jack-o'-lantern smile and a red moon with a skull on it and Nightfall Red Sun in the Depths of Madness and a Black Sun in the Nightfallen Jahai that one can get terrified just by looking at the sky.

It generates the Blood Moon row effect which buffs vampires for its duration. Subverted in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness , where the Red Moon causes the souls of the prinnies who have paid for their sins to be reincarnated. It corrupts main characters and powers up enemies and seems to be a symbol of worship, if one of Axel's comments are any indication. Breath of the Wild has the Blood Moon, said to be the time when Calamity Ganon's powers reach their peak. The Blood Moon randomly replaces a normal full moon, rather than as a set phase, though the chances of seeing it go up slightly with every enemy defeated.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates has a plot that centers around its blood red moon and how it relates to the game world.

Bloodmoon (Sister Fidelma Mysteries Book 29)

In fact, the trope name is the game's Tag Line. The moon is inhabited by the game's monsters, and when the Cry occurs they all begin massing together causing the moon to look like a giant bloodshot eye. Then a teardrop like amalgamation is formed and falls to the planet where they spread devastation. Considering you go back in time to there in the Wings of The Goddess expansion, it's guaranteed it's a plot point Story isn't done yet.

Turns out it's not a comet. It's the avatar Atomos devouring the time line Hydaelyn, the world of Final Fantasy XIV , had two moons, the smaller of which, Dalamud, was difficult to see until near the end of the original version of the game, when it got bigger and redder during the descent of this artificial satellite imprisoning an ancient and very angry dragon. The purple Day Star in Jak 3: Wastelander signifies the planet's final trial as it grows brighter every day.

In reality it's not a star but a giant space station full of Dark Makers. The final battle in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil takes place with the aforementioned blood-red moon in the background.

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Kind of makes sense seeing as the battle is against the titular Scarlet Devil, Remilia, who claims to be descended from Vlad himself. On the hardest difficulty, the final attack is considered one of the hardest in the entire series to 'capture' defeating the spellcard without dying or bombing. A variation of this trope is basically the plot of Imperishable Night.

The Big Bad seals off the moon on the night of the Harvest Moon Festival and replaces it with an illusion of an "old fashioned moon" that's "old and worn" which disconcerts the relevant youkai half of the player team enough for them to decide to stop the night until they can fix it hence the title. It even fulfills this trope at Stage 4, after you fight off the midboss which is either Reimu or Marisa , annoyed that the youkai partner's actually gone as far as stopping the night.

The background turns to a reddish hue, and when the player reaches the boss, the moon is red. Not like you'll see it through the danmaku and Spell Card backgrounds, though. It should also be noted that it's in this stage that the game really ramps up the difficulty, especially on the jump to Normal. Then Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom completely reverses the situation when you go to the moon, and see a Bad Earth Rising, with the once-blue planet appearing blood-red in the lunar sky and radiating waves of energy. The plot of the Computer Game Myth : The Fallen Lords in part revolves around the millennial appearance of a comet heralding the change in the cyclical balance of power between Light and Dark.

As acknowledged by Kayisen when playing it himself, the moon is never a good sign in I Wanna Be the Guy. For example, on one screen?

The moon falls on you. It's also one of Dracula's attacks. Red star Stain the earth Fall, why don't you? Stain the earth red! And explicitly lampshaded in the sequel: "My world only had one moon! The "Star of Destruction" of legend in Dark Chronicle as seen in the game's American logo is actually the Blue Moon, which was enchanted by the Ancients to drop onto whoever gathered all three Atlamillia Stones together. Presumably to keep said person from having too much power and growing corrupt , but it makes no distinction between would-be gods and innocent people.

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It actually does fall upon the world at the end of the game, but Sirus comes to his senses and redeems himself by casting it out of existence. From that point on, and for the remainder of the game , there is only one moon in the sky. During this time, the light of the moon can transform standard Grand Soul Gems into Black Soul Gems, capable of trapping sapient souls which are normally under Arkay's protection.

The titular moon from the Morrowind expansion Bloodmoon. Nirn's smaller moon, Secunda, turns blood red, signaling that it is time for Hircine the Daedric Prince of the Hunt to perform his hunt on Mundus.

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Skyrim : The Bloodmoon returns for Hircine's Daedric quest. Why is a bit uncertain, since in Bloodmoon it was a prophetic sign, while in Skyrim you just randomly see it while in a specific location during Hircine's quest. By using Auriel's Bow to fire a bloodcursed arrow at the sun, they can turn the sun to blood and cause the entire landscape to be washed in shades of red and black. The full moon signifies the beginning of Orochi's ritual of sacrifice.

A blood-red moon, complete with nine dark lines, replaces the regular one after Queen Himiko is killed by Ninetails. It stays in the sky until you defeat the fox. And then there is the solar eclipse, which signifies the rising of Yami, the Lord of Darkness , and the concurrent waning of Amaterasu's solar power. Which, fortunately, is only an issue during the very last battle. You don't suffer any gameplay weakness during the eclipse. It's actually the cocoon of an Ultimate Life Form designed to destroy the world, and every years it tries to wake up.

The heroes eventually have to venture to its surface to destroy it once and for all.